How to Keep Koi Carp?


Keeping koi carp has always been associated with luck. If you want to keep your own kio, you should make sure that you have a good, clean pond for them. Water is very important. It has to meet certain requirements so that your koi would remain healthy. Look into those information and more in this website:
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Developed from the common carp, Cyprinus Carpio. An ornamental fish that will revert to wild carp state after a few generations in the wild.
1. Put the fish in a large pond. Butterfly koi can grow up to 36 inches long. Place your koi in a pond of at least 1,000 gallons. Make sure the pond is more than 1 meter deep so it
1. Build a pond. 2. Fill it with dechlorinated water. 3. get your carps(it can be caught when you went fishing or bought from a pet shop) 4. Put the carps in the pond. 5. Line the
Koi Carp pictures are exactly that, pictures of Koi Carp fish. You can see some of them
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Koi Carp are a large breed of fish from Japan. The word koi means carp in Japanese. They come in a variety of colors. There is also a magazine called Koi Carp ...
A Koi is a red-gold or white common carp of a big ornamental variety, originally bred in Japan and eastern Asia. Koi is also a village in Kotli District, Pakistan ...
The average life span of koi carp fish is 70 years. However, there have been reports of several koi carp fish living for up to 200 years. They are friendly fish ...
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