How to keep lettuce from turning brown?


Lettuce is notorious for being quick to wilt and turn brown which can be frustrating for those that cannot seem to eat it fast enough. Luckily, it is easy to keep lettuce fresh longer, and even revive heads that have begun to wilt. After washing your lettuce, fill a container or stainless steel bowl with a lid a few inches up with water. Put the lettuce in so that the base is submerged, cover, and put the container in the refrigerator. Leaf lettuce lasts the longest with this method, up to a few weeks, but it works for other types as well. You will be amazed at how well your lettuce will last by simply leaving it in water.
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1. Set the lettuce on the counter, stem side down. Lift and thump the stem solidly against the counter. Cut the loosened core out of the lettuce head with a stainless steel knife.
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You can usually keep lettuce fresher longer by putting wet paper towel on the lettuce before sealing it and putting it in the fridge. You cant prevent the brown but you can slow it down.
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