How do I keep lint off clothes?


You can keep lint off clothes by adding white or cider vinegar to the wash. Washing clothes according to their care label and washing towels and bedding separately from other clothing can prevent a lint problem. If you do notice small amounts of lint on your clothes after washing, use a lint remover tool.
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1. Clean the lint filter inside the dryer before putting clothes inside. Any existing build-up of lint will easily transfer to new clothing placed in the dryer for drying. Reduce
1. Sort the laundry into piles of clothes that form lint easily from clothes that attract lint. Cotton sweats, terry towels, sweat suits and flannel all easily form lint in the washing
Add about 1/3 cup (I know people who use more though) of white distilled vinegar to your wash cycle. It should prevent lint.
To get gum off of clothing is not very hard at all. You will need to place an ice cube to the spot where the gum is. Let is sit for about 15 minutes. Gently scrape the bubblegum away
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