How do you keep mice away?


The best way to keep mice away is to seal up potential entry points of homes and structures. Entry points can easily be found by checking interior walls for light coming through small cracks and by feeling the interior air for movement. It is also a good idea to contact a professional exterminator for a full assessment of potential entry points for mice and other rodents.

Small cracks and holes can easily be sealed up with inexpensive caulking material. In addition to sealing up entry points, it is always a good idea to cover up all windows with screens, as well as cover drains with 1/4 inch of meshing material, as mice are too large to slip in through the mesh. Mice enter homes and structures in search of food, water and shelter.

Mice are also known to take up residence in outdoor garbage cans, sheds, wood piles and junk cars. It is always important to keep outdoor trash cans and wood piles tightly covered and sealed. Many people make the common mistake of leaving pet food in dishes outside. Pet food not only attracts mice, but it also attracts raccoons and possums. This can be easily avoided by clearing pet food dishes as soon as the animals are finished eating.

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To keep mice away, you should clean up and throw away excess junk that harbor these rodents. In addition, set mice baits, traps or poison to help get rid of these nuisances. However
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Mouse traps, mouse poison, having some cats around, or by searching the entire place for little holes that the mice might get in from, and plugging them up with caulking or expanding
The round Decon traps where you don't have to see or touch the dead mouse. If there's a mouse in the trap, there will be a red dot. Pick up the whole thing and toss it in the outside
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How to Keep Mice Away
Mice may be cute on movies and television, but they are dirty and disgusting when they enter your home. Mice tend to stay outdoors when it is warm outside. When the cooler weather hits, however, more and more people notice mice in the house. Typically,... More »
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