How do you keep potatoes white after peeling?


The easiest way to keep potatoes white after peeling or cutting is to fully submerge them in a bowl of water until use. If they are not needed until the next day, they can be refrigerated in the bowl of water overnight.

Though the discoloration can be unappealing, potatoes whose cut sides have become brown are still safe to cook and eat. The color change is caused by an enzyme and iron-containing phenols in the tuber reacting with oxygen. Just as iron oxidation turns an old truck rusty-brown, the same process occurs with produce. Covering the potatoes with water halts this reaction by removing the exposed flesh from oxygen.

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1. Rinse the peeled potatoes under cool running water. This will remove any debris after you peel them. 2. Place the peeled potatoes into a large bowl. 3. Fill the bowl with cold
Only peel what you need. They can be stored in water for a few days in the refrigerator or cut into cubes, blanched and frozen. But both methods will result in a less than ideal potato
If you are talking about unpeeled, uncooked potatoes, they will stay fresh on
put them in water.just plain old water.
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