How do you keep score for the game of darts?


To keep scores in a darts game one needs to have a piece of paper and pen. You fill the names of the players in the left, and then when a player shoots, the scores will be called out to the score keeper for recording. In the very first inning, the scorekeeper is supposed to write down the players point for that specific inning. In the second inning, the players' scores for the innings are written down in one section, while his total running for the darts game is written in the other section.
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1. Take note of the outer ring of the dart board(B) This ring is also divided into 20 sections and is slightly narrow. The dart that lands in this area scores twice the number of
At the start of the game, a certain number of points are given to each
It depeneds on what game you are playing. Most Count down to 0 with having to score a double or triple on your last throw.
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