How can snakes be kept away from a home?


You can use several methods to keep snakes away from your home. Keep their food supply away. These are mice and other rodents. Keep grasses cut short. Don't keep woodpiles or piles of anything near your home. Don't kill the harmless snakes, as these will eat the food supply and that will keep the bad snakes away. You can buy several products to use, but most people say they don't work. Having one or two outdoor cats will help keep them away as well.
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Step. 1. Find the route of the snake as it enters the poultry farm. It is easier than it seems. It is normally through cracks and holds near where the hens lay their eggs. Step. 2
some ways to keep snakes away from ur garden is tat u should put something in the garden so snakes dont come near the garden
1 If there is a lot of wood in your house, rub it with paraffin . 2 Keep the doors and windows closed .
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There's nothing worse than opening your screen door and finding a snake staring back at you. One of the best and most practical ways of getting rid of snakes is by keeping your yard cut. Also, there are several types of snake repellents you can buy at the feed or hardware store. Just spray or sprinkle it around your house and yard and it will keep snakes at bay.
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