How to Keep Sneakers White?


To keep sneakers white, you can wash them in bleach when they get dirty. You can also get white shoe polish to help them to stay looking shiny as well.
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1. Go to the store. 2. Buy the shoes. 3. Find the shoe accessories or the shoe care products section. 4. Buy waterproofing spray/water protection spray. 5. Spray it on the shoes and
Keep the box that the shoes came in. The shoes must be kept in the box when they're not being worn. Place one or two small packets of silica gel packets anywhere in the shoebox. They
You can clean white sneakers one or two ways. You can purchase white polish for shoes to help with stains. In addition to, you can apply bleach to clean up stains.
A magic eraser works wonders on white sneakers! Just wet and wipe, it will remove any dirt on there. If you really want to scrub though just use soap or buy an actual sneaker cleaner
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If you want to whiten sneakers, you can wash them in bleach, or do a wash on them with a rag and bleach. Spray them with a shot of bleach, then use a magic eraser ...
1. Prevent mud and water stains by treating the sneakers with a protective waterproofing spray before wearing them. Make sure the spray specifies on the label ...
You cant ever stop creases. But you can try! ...
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