How to Keep White Hair from Turning Yellow?


To keep white hair from turning yellow you need to use water that is not very chlorinated. A water filter in your shower will help you keep your hair looking white and not having a yellow tint. You should also use a clear shampoo not a colored one.
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Because hair is porous, it will pick up pollutants from the air, such as smog and dust. Hair that contains melanin also absorbs these environmental contaminants, but it is less noticeable
White hair can turn yellow because of many factors. Well water with a low pH factor; leaching from copper plumbing pipes; certain medications; clorine in swimming pool water; and
Use the purple shampoo, it works wonders. Also, if your hair isn't in too bad of a condition your stylist can wash it in a bleach based shampoo to keep out the lindsay lohan yellow
It's not that there's a global chemical deficiency. The chemicals responsible for hair colour are produce by cells that live in the skin at the base of hair follicles. These cells
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