How do you kill a demon?


Demons are spirits which can be defeated. You cannot kill demons rather, you can banish them through exorcism. Exorcism is the religious practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person or place, believed to be possessed. For further information, visit
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There are many methods to summon demons. Demons are often summoned for a purpose. Certain demons are also better summoned for certain powers. For more information look here:
well demons don't exist and you cant destroy nothing unless you put something real in it place so. [IMPROVED ANSWER] Sorry, whoever answered before obviously is rude and doesn't care
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Demons are supernatural beings which can be described as something that is not human. Demons are usually cast out but they are not killed as this as not possible due to their supernatural nature. The Catholic Church has people who are officially sanctioned exorcists who help many people get rid of demons every year.
The best way to kill a demon is through having faith and prayer. You should read your bible and apply the teachings to your life to keep the demons away and they will eventually die.
Expelling demons is something that should ONLY be taken on with extensive biblical and historical study and direction by God Himself. IF YOU ARE NOT CALLED TO DO THIS STOP NOW, DO NOT PROCEED! Demon expelling is dangerous and if someone is not spiritually equipped or ready it could result in deadly or damning consequences. If you are called to do so you should find a mentor and learn as much as you can about demons themselves.
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