How to Kill a Palm Tree?


About the only way you will be able to kill a palm tree is by digging it up. After you have dug it up, pour some gasoline on the roots and burn them. You can also try to sale the palm tree. Follow the link below for more information.
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1. Paint two rings around the palm tree with marking paint. The position of the paint on the tree does not matter. Make the rings high enough that you can work with them comfortably
you can use rock salt to kill the root system.
If you don't have a palm tree growing in your back yard and don't have a blow-up palm tree hidden in the closet, you'll need to make a palm tree. Pick up several pieces of blue poster
Indoors, lack of light. Sometimes people in the Midwest buy outdoor palms, put them inside and with a tiny little grow light and wonder why they die. They also need bone meal, dried
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How to Kill a Palm Tree
The bark of a palm tree is the force that keeps the tree alive. If the bark is "ringed," the palm tree's ability to deliver nutrients to the top of the tree is effectively eliminated. Ringing starves the tree and causes it to die. Killing a palm tree... More »
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You can kill a palm tree easily with these two methods. You can pour boiling water around the tree, so the tree's root system will be effectively destroying the root system. Rock salt put into the tree, and the surrounding area can also make the tree die along with the grass. For more information look here:;
If it is truly a palm tree and you don't care about the roots, then you can just cut the tree down. It will not grow back from the roots alone. However you should know that allot of nurseries will pay high dollar for large palms, and they will even remove them for you.
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