How to Kill a Person Instantly?


The best way to kill a person instantly is to expose them to large amounts of radiation. Find a local dealer and tell them you are looking to buy Yellow Cake Uranium. It's a little pricey but it works better than the others. Be prepared to spend the rest of your living days in prison after you are caught! For more information look here:;
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There are many different ways to kill a person, each one is considered murder, or at the least manslaughter, which are both illegal in every country in the world.
1. Take corrective measures to ensure a healthy lawn. Cut down all weeds to reduce fewer insect and grub infestation. Irrigate the lawn during early summer season when needed by conducting
I'm afraid ChaCha cannot tell you how to commit murder. It's illega...
1 Take them by stealth . If an enemy does not notice you, you can easily walk up behind their back then press the default key "f" and they will instantly die. 2 Circle them
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