How to Kill a Possum?


Possums are very dangerous. The best way to get rid of a possum is to call a professional animal control unit which can trap the animal and remove it from your property for you. If you still insist on killing the animal yourself, consider setting out a trap of some sort or try shooting the animal from a distance.
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The easiest way to kill a possum is to get a possum trap. These traps are not sold in regular home improvement stores. You will have to call Animal control to get the trap. Possum can give humans and other animals a zoonotic disease. You can find more information here: http://www. opossumsocietyus. org/frequently_asked_questions. htm
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Most people kill possums when they run over them with their cars. If you are having a possum problem on your property the best way to kill them is to first catch them in live traps.
Possums are nocturnal animals that often reach the size of house cats and are frequently found in yards and gardens. They are usually white or grey and have an elongated snout and
What you do to kill a opossum is use poison.
It is never necessary to kill the animal. The kindest way to remove a possum
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If it is legal in your state, trap and removal is the best way of eliminating this pest. if you must kill, try pellet poisons or good old fashion marksmanship. ...
Possum Kingdom Lake is in Texas. It is located roughly 90 miles from West Fort Worth. It is also located in the foothils of Palo Pinto and spans over 18,000 acres ...
The majority of their diet is kangaroos and wallabies. They do eat smaller animals like rabbits, rats and possums. They also eat road kill. ...
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