How do you kill a tree?


Generally, killing a tree requires pulling out the roots or removing the stump. It is also possible to kill a tree by chemically treating it in a safe and eco-friendly way. This involves application of herbicide to a specific area on the tree.

Large trees are sometimes a nuisance to people, and they have to be taken down for the benefit of the neighborhood. There are mechanical and chemical means to remove the roots and stump of a tree. Mechanical methods include stump removal, which involves grinding out the large roots and stump to reduce basal sprouting, and accelerate decay, which involves cutting at soil level, drilling holes, adding slow-release fertilizer and mounding with soil. Growth regulators are effective chemical treatments to kill trees. Concentrated glyphosate-based herbicides also work effectively when applied through injection, cut stumping or frilling. The most effective chemical methods are cut surface, injection, stump, basal bark, foliage and soil treatments. It is important to remember that herbicide may injure adjacent trees and vegetation. To ensure safety and avoid application errors, manufacturer’s instructions should be followed properly. Typically, safety glasses, thick shoes, long sleeve shirt and long pants are worn when exterminating a tree using chemical treatments. Tree and bark layers are disposed of properly as they decay and fall off the stump.

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Ways to Kill a Tree
Trees are generally beneficial to the environment. In the summer, trees provide shade from the sun's rays. Trees also improve air quality, and provide a place for wildlife to call home. In spite of the benefits, trees are sometimes undesired. You can... More »
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