How to Kill a Tree?


To kill a tree can be done either by cutting the entire circumference of the tree trunk with an axe or hatchet, chemicals or herbicide
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Ways to Kill a Tree
Trees are generally beneficial to the environment. In the summer, trees provide shade from the sun's rays. Trees also improve air quality, and provide a place for wildlife to call home. In spite of the benefits, trees are sometimes undesired. You can... More »
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If you really don't like the tree in your yard or garden, here is how to kill a tree. Keep in mind that you will have to live with this on your conscience for the rest of your life, but if you really insist on getting rid of the tree you can cut the limbs off (ouch), and just keep cutting until you have cut it down to the very bottom. Then if you want to get rid of the stump, there are several ways to get that out. Call a stump remover, pour chemicals on it so it dries out, chop away at it as if it were someone you disliked and you were getting even with them. You could even draw a picture of the person that you want to get even with, IE, your boss, or mother-in-law, your ex wife/husband. Should I keep going?
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You can kill a tree with herbicides or you can cut the tree down clear to the ground. You can also use nitrogen fertilizer that you've inserted into drilled holes into the tree to
1. Pour a large amount of rock salt around the base of the tree if you do not want to have anything grow in the area for awhile. Salt will kill vegetation and even evergreen trees
Liberal doses of boiling water poured onto the tree stump and root system will kill a tree stump, and keep it from growing back. Be sure the trunk is cut as close to the ground as
Fire blight is caused by the Erwinia amylovora bacterium. Symptoms include water-soaked blossoms that wilt suddenly, shrivel and turn black. Leaves wilt and die, but remain on the
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There are so many ways to kill off tree including, leaving crossing branches to rub against defensive bark and create wounds or pay no attention to insect or disease ...
Killing Laylandii trees may be needed if someone in the household has developed allergies to them. If it is really necessary to kill the tree, chop it down. Poisoning ...
If you are a homeowner, you may need to remove trees that are on your property. One choice would be to kill the tree for easier removal. To kill a tree fast, you ...
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