How to Kill and Dress a Chicken?


You may remember the reality series episode where the hotel heiress was in tears over being forced to pluck a chicken. If you're equally frustrated, you may want to know the best method to kill and dress a chicken. It's recommended that you isolate the chicken and starve it for 14-24 hours to clear its digestive tract before you begin. Check out all the tips and tricks in this detailed tutorial:
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If you live on a farm or raise chickens, you'll find that some people kill chickens by 'wringing' or breaking their necks. To start the 'dressing' process, you'll need to boil some water. Submerge the chickens in the hot water in order to easily remove the feathers. After the feathers are removed, you'll need to singe the hairs off. Now, take a knife and cut around the anus. Be sure to not cut the intestines. Remove the neck and all internal organs. Afterward, start cutting the chicken into pieces. Thoroughly wash the poultry before storing or cooking. Don't forget to remove the feet. For more information look here:;
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