How to Kill Cactus?


To kill cactus, the most effective way is to use a good weed killer such as Round Up. However, with a shovel and a hoe, you can chop it up and destroy the root if you don't want to use poison.
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1. Push the cactus over with a shovel. Hold the shovel out horizontally in front of you and push the cactus away from you. Don't use too much force. You don't want to send needles
The cactus plant may be killed by bugs such as vine weevils. It may be killed by fungus such as basal stem rot. It may be killed by moisture extremes, such as absolutely no and too
Dig it up and then burn the plants.Prickly pear cacti are difficult to kill. There are no
so you want to murder this poor cactus? lol theres a few ways, without killing the other plant. pull out the cactus, cut it at the base so there are no more roots. over water it (
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How to Kill a Cactus
Some species of cactus are considered to be invasive or weeds. This is especially true in the Southwest. Killing a cactus can be accomplished using a chemical spray, but sprays can take years to work on a large area. If you need to remove only a handful... More »
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To kill cactus, you need to first chop the plant down. Pull up as much of the root as possible. Then pour a weed killer on the remainder of the root.
The easiest way to rid your yard of unwanted cactus is to spray it with a commercial product such as RoundUp. The RoundUp will kill the unwanted plants at the roots.
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