How to Kill Drain Flies Home Remedy?


All you have to do is set a small bowl of vinegar near the drain. You will be shocked at how they just swan dive head first and drown in it.
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1. Identify the source of the infestation. Drain flies are terrible at flying, so you probably don't need to look very far to find the offending drain. Attach a piece of tape to the
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Yes, Dawn and Vinegar. I've raised 4 litters of puppies and still have one now. It works like a charm! The Dawn, being all powerful as it is, strips away the protective coating of
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Getting rid of drain flies naturally at home is quite simple. First make sure you thouroughly clean the area that the flies or (gnats) are living. Make sure you dispose of any old food lying around. Second make a solution of 1 cup water ,1/2 cup vinegar ,1/3 cup lemon juice, 3 tbs of liquid dishwashing soap. Allow the mixture to remain near the drain or at least on the counter top. This will attract the bugs right into the mixture. Lastly always rinse your drain after use and even rinse drain if you have not used in a while. This should get rid of your pesky bugs.
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