How to Kill Geckos?


Geckos are actually good animals to have around because they eat insects from your home, so you don't want to kill them. If they are a nuisance to you then I suggest getting a cat. Your feline friend will eat them or chase them away.
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How to Kill Geckos
Geckos are small tropical lizards about 4 inches in length. In warmer climates, geckos are often found in homes. They range in color from gray to green. They are able to scale vertical walls because of special suction cup-like structures they have on the... More »
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1. Purchase door and window seals from your local hardware store. Install the seals according to the instructions. This will prevent insects and geckos from coming into your home.
Why would you want to? Geckos feed on especially insects, and all species aid in capturing their prey. Would you rather have the insects or the gecko? Catch and release is probably
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Don't kill it. Spray it with VERY COLD water. They will get stunned, and you can sweep them up or capture them however you want to and throw it outside. Trust me, this works. I'm
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A small amount of sulphur is natural to have in the general environment and not likely to hurt a gecko. A large amount, however is not a healthy idea. Talk to ...
Metabolic bone disease is very common in gecko's. It really needs to be treated by a vet if your gecko gets this disease as it's a fast killing disease. A gecko ...
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