How can you kill a lizard?


There are many ways and techniques that could be used by someone trying to kill lizards. You could kill them by hand by smashing them with a rock or you can poison them.
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1. Set out lizard glue traps all over your home, yard or garage. 2. Wait 24 hours or until you see that the trap has caught a lizard. 3. Fill a bucket with warm soapy water. 4. Drop
These insectivores usually simply crunch up their insect prey using their small, pointy teeth and powerful jaws. In the rare instance that they take a small mouse or lizard for prey
1 Enter the boiler room and look for the short cut-scene about a body being burnt. You will then be introduced to the "Split Lizard". Ad 2 Get a weapon drawn, preferably
Sticky glue pads are one way to get rid of a house lizard. You can
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One of the best ways to kill lizards is to call someone who is in that business. They will have the knowledge and the equipment for ridding your place of lizards. Check your local listings for pest controls businesses. You can find more information here:
You can actually use cats to kill lizards, as the cat is a predator that will kill smaller animals such as lizards or mice. You can also purchase a lizard control spray.
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