How do you kill gnats?


Most people choose to kill gnats using pesticides or opt for a mixture of water, vinegar, and dish soap for a safer alternative that will not harm pets. Due to the number of species of gnats, there is no single best way to exterminate them.

Orkin exterminators report that the best way to remove gnats permanently is to make sure that their food sources and breeding grounds are removed. Gnats typically prefer to live and reproduce in warm, moist areas. Eliminating these are essential to controlling gnat populations. Other suggestions include:

  • Throw out old or moldering fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep trash cans covered.
  • Wash all dishes immediately after use.
  • Hang all wet clothes and towels out to dry.
  • Do not allow standing water under refrigerators or washing machines.
  • Do not water houseplants excessively.

The proper combination of prevention and extermination tactics will usually lead to a decrease or elimination of the gnat population.

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