How to Kill Pigeons?


There are many ways that someone could kill pigeons some humane some not. One way that you can kill them although it is a bit messy is to feed them antacids.
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1. Trap the pigeons in one common area such as a baited cage trap or a large lofty building, such as a barn. 2. Dispose of the pigeons caught in smaller cage traps however you like.
falcons kill pigeons.
In 1914, the last surviving passenger pigeon, a hen named Martha, died in
certainly. But I have also used a blow gun to take in confined areas at under 100 fps.
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Well you can shoot them with a bee gun but it won't solve the problem. You need to go to the hardware store and buy a wood owl. It scares them and they won't come back.
If pigeons are a pest it is best to make the environment unattractive to them through barriers and natural predators .If you are killing them to eat, it's best to use a very sharp knife and slit their throat quickly. There will be a lot of blood.
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To kill pigeons, you can use the method known as lethal control through a product called Avitrol. The target pigeons are fed untreated grain in an isolated area ...
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