How do you kill salamanders?


Catching or exterminating salamanders can be tricky, since they cannot be killed by most pesticides or sprays sold in stores. If you have a salamander infestation in your house, the best way to resolve it is to change your home environment and set up glue traps. If you are trying to catch salamanders outside, you can use special outdoor glue traps and place them in moist areas, such as in garden beds or near ponds, as these are the places salamanders are most likely to dwell.

  1. Change your home environment

    In order to survive, salamanders need to have access to insects and moist hiding places. Clean all areas of your house so that salamanders don't have places to hide. Spray a safe, indoor insecticide around your house to kill bugs. This diminishes the salamander's food supply. Spray the weedy outdoor areas surrounding your house with insecticides as well.

  2. Set up glue traps

    To capture and kill salamanders, purchase glue traps online or in a hardware store. Lay the traps every 5 or 10 feet in areas where you've seen salamanders. Check the traps daily to make sure the glue is still sticky and to see if any salamanders have been caught. If the glue dries or a salamander is caught in one of your traps, simply dispose of the old trap and replace it with a new one.

  3. Continue upkeep with your house

    Don't leave food out or let garbage pile up in your home, as this can attract insects and therefore more salamanders. Remember to check your home regularly to ensure there aren't any drainage issues or moist hiding spots for the creatures to dwell. Make sure to seal up all entrances to your house so salamanders can't get in. Ensure that you have proper screens on all your windows and check for cracks under doors or in walls around the house.

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