How to Kill Stray Cats?


There are probably a million different ways that someone who wanted to could kill stray cats. One way would be to walk up to them with a shotgun and shoot them in the head.
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1. Install motion-detecting sprinklers in the area of the garden that the stray cats frequent. You can also install them along the garden perimeter. The sprinklers detect the presence
1 Gain the cat's trust by putting out food and petting it. Ad 2 If you really want to help, bring it to the vet to examine it. 3 Post an ad in the paper and say that you will give
I guess it is kind of scary because you don't no where you are.
Are you talking about mice, lizards and small snakes, etc.? Depends on the area, like if it is wooded or a place that may have those types of critters around, like I do. Then, they
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There are several ways to kill cats. You can shoot them, poison them. However the most humane way would be to get a cage catch them and call your local animal shelter.
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