How to Kill Stray Cats?


There are probably a million different ways that someone who wanted to could kill stray cats. One way would be to walk up to them with a shotgun and shoot them in the head.
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1. Install motion-detecting sprinklers in the area of the garden that the stray cats frequent. You can also install them along the garden perimeter. The sprinklers detect the presence
1 Gain the cat's trust by putting out food and petting it. Ad 2 If you really want to help, bring it to the vet to examine it. 3 Post an ad in the paper and say that you will give
There are 13 words for killing members of one's family. Generally the word can be used both
I guess it is kind of scary because you don't no where you are.
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There are several ways to kill cats. You can shoot them, poison them. However the most humane way would be to get a cage catch them and call your local animal shelter.
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