How to Kill Tree Fungus?


You can kill tree fungus by mixing one cup of Hydrogen Peroxide with 8 cups of water. Spray the tree with the mixture. You can also spray the lawn and flowers if you'd like. It is safe around children and pets.
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1. Spray trees affected by fungi like powdery mildew with a wettable sulfur. Combine 2 to 4 pounds per 100 gallons of water in a sprayer tank. Mix well. Spray on the affected tree
The easiest, but maybe not the fastest way to kill a tree is to purchase some copper sulfate from a hardware store, sprinkle it around the base of the tree and water it. The water
1. Put on disposable gloves. Remove the reproductive "mushroom" and any nearby round white egglooking growths as these are going to be new stinkhorns soon. Secure the foul
Usually a few weeks before any sign is shown but there are stronger remedies available.
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How to Kill Fungus on Trees and Plants
Fungus on trees and plants is not only unsightly, it also damages your plant life. A common fungal growth is mildew. Mildew competes with your plants for nutrients, and as it infests the plant's leaves, photosynthesis is stifled. Other less common but... More »
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Well, if you are not that much into fungicide there is a safer alternative. If you mix some hydrogen peroxide with water, about 1 part peroxide to 9 or 10 parts water in a spray bottle and spray affected area, this should do it.
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