How do you kill wisteria?


There are many chemical and mechanical ways to kill wisteria vine. One way is to remove the vines manually. The tools needed for this project include gloves, pruning snips, paint and trash bags.

  1. Remove young sprouts

    Pull young wisteria vines and their roots from the ground. Remember to wear gloves during this process, as gloves protect skin from plants like poison ivy and thorny plants, which tend to grow near wisteria.

  2. Cut climbing wisteria

    Using pruning snips, cut the vines at ground level, and then apply the paint to the stumps. This step kills the upper portion of the plants. It also prevents wisteria from resprouting.

  3. Dispose of the vines

    Place the wisteria vines in trash bags, and dispose of them with other trash. Removing discarded vines from the site prevents a reinfestation.

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