How to Kill Wisteria?


To kill a mature wisteria you will want to cut it off about one foot above the ground. Scrape back the bark on the remaining truck and apply a lawn herbicide. Be sure to mix it by package directions. This should kill the plant. More ideas and suggestions for getting rid of a wisteria plant can be found on this site.
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1. Cut down the bush close to the ground. Use pruning shears for most of the branches. If the bottom wood is too thick for these tools, lopping shears or a saw may be necessary. 2
I have been attacking the wisteria that took over my family estate with a tiller and pickaxe. Its a slow process and very hard work. I till the affected area till I've pulled all
Once wisteria is well established in a yard I am not sure you can get rid of it. Ours was planted in the late 50's and we battled it for 40 years. I finally cleared the entire lot
I have wisteria vines throughout my yard. I also own dogs. I am looking for a way to kill these vines without using poison
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To kill wisteria before it takes over your homes or trees, start by pulling or digging up any young sprouts, cut the wisteria to the ground to avoid regrowth, finally use a specially formulated herbicide to get rid of the rest of the wisteria for good.
The easiest way to rid your yard of unwanted wisteria plants is to spray it with a commercial product such as RoundUp. The RoundUp will kill the unwanted plants at the roots.
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To kill Wisteria stumps, cut off as much of the vine as you can. Use a shovel to dig out the stems and take a mixture of picloram on the stump. It can take up ...
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