How to Kiss With Your Tongue Pierced?


To kiss with your tongue pierced from my experience you will just kiss normally. At first it may hurt a bit if you just got your piecing done. You should wait for your piercing to heal for a few days.
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To tongue kiss you need to make sure you have fresh breath. Then put your tongue in your partners mouth, and either follow their tongue, or circle yours around their mouth.
If your tongue ring still feels a little odd, then DON"T USE IT WHILE KISSING!!!! There is nothing unsexier than having a speeding tongue ring Whack into your teeth or worse
1. Speak with your employer about the company's rules on body jewelry. Some companies are more lax on their rules than others. 2. Go to your local body jewelry shop and purchase a
To pierce a tongue you should have a professional do the piercing. To do it yourself you purchasing a piercing kit. The kits should include forceps, sterile piercing needles, tweezers
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Kissing with tongue piercings should not be done until the swelling on the tongue has gone done after the piercing. It can take up to a week before all of the ...
You should wait at least four weeks after your tongue is pierced to kiss someone. After you get your tongue pierced, it takes about four weeks to heal. ...
To pierce your tongue, go see a professional. Piercing your own tongue can be dangerous and can cause infection. ...
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