How to Knit a Cowl Neck Scarf?


Cowl neck sweaters are very popular winter accessories. Knitting your own will give you an edge on the trend. To knit your own cowl neck sweater you will need heavy weight yarn and 16 inch knitting needles.
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1. Cast on 60 stitches loosely. 2. Join in the round. 3. Complete round one by alternately knitting five stitches and purling five stitches until the round has been completed. 4.
Are you asking about a Patricia Roberts sweater pattern which has a cowl neck? I might have found the book, at least it appears to have a selection of cowl neck sweater patterns in
You could try calling Lord & Taylor, Ann Taylor, Neiman Marcus. I know these are high priced though. I have seen the tube scarves that you could wrap around twice and hooded cowl
Knit a cowl for a winter accessory that will keep you stylish and warm. Cowls are neck warmers that look like a tube and can be made to include a hood. Use any type of yarn you'd
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