How to Knit a Poncho?


As long as you know how to knit, it is not hard to knit a poncho. You just want to knit it like you do a scarf but it will be gibber. You want to measure the person to make sure it will fit them.
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While learning to knit a sweater might involve extensive seaming, picking up stitches and shaping, learning how to knit a poncho simply involves more knitting, repetition and wool
1. Cast on 120 stitches on circular needles. Join the ends, being careful not to twist your stitches. If you have never used circular needles before, see the References section for
The first knit poncho pattern is so easy (and if you've visited any...
With any knitting pattern you are going to get abbreviations because otherwise the patterns would be double the size or more. If you are following a pattern from a book it should
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How to Knit a Poncho
There is nothing nicer than a light poncho for those breezy spring days when it is too hot for a coat or jacket but still a little too chilly for your bare arms. Unlike a sweater, your arms are not restricted with a poncho giving them a free air to them.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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