How to Knit a Snood?


How to knit a snood. Select a pattern in the style that you prefer. A snood is commonly knit in a stockinette stitch. This garment is a winter accessory that combines a hood and a scarf together. Begin by casting on the required amount of stitches. You may have to sew your piece together depending on the pattern that you select. Be sure to cast of the stitches when finished.
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1. Decide if you prefer to knit your snood seamlessly, in the round, or with a seam going up the back. Any way you choose is fine; the style depends on what look you prefer. 2. Cast
A snood is a netlike bag to contain very long hair and can be made a number of ways. Some are worked as lacy rectangles with a ribbon threaded through the edges. The ribbon is then….….….
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How to Knit a Snood
On the chilliest of autumn and winter days, the last thing you want to have to do is fiddle with hats and scarves. A snood, also referred to as a hooded scarf, ensures that you will not have to juggle your accessories. In 2010, the word snood refers to a... More »
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In order to knit a snood, start by deciding if you will have it seamless or you want it with a seam in the back. Then, cast off 144 stitches and knit using any ...
Making a snood is not as hard as everyone thinks. It may be time consuming, but it is not hard. When starting out, start with the most basic of pattern. You can ...
A knitting pattern for snood tells how to make it. You would need yarn and knitting needles. You will start by casting on 57 stitches in the round. For the first ...
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