How to Knit a Striped Scarf?


While knitting your scarf, you can create stripes by simply switching colors of yarn. You tie your new piece of yarn to the end of the piece you just finished and you will end up with a horizontally striped scarf. For other types of stripes you will need to follow a knitting pattern.
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1. Cast on 30 stitches with one color. The width of the scarf isn't that great, but it will still cover your neck. For the striped scarf, use a knit stitch. The depth of the horizontal
In order to knit a scarf, you will need eight ounces of four-ply yarn and No. 10 knitting needles. To start your scarf, you will need to know how to cast. Make a slip knot around
1 Make sure you know the basics of knitting first. Ad 2 Find a good comfortable place to sit. It's a good idea to print out these instructions! 3 Cast on 30 to 45 stitches on your
1. Cast 12 stitches onto your needle. 2. Knit every row in a garter stitch with your fun fur, using the entire skein of yarn. 3. Knit a basket weave pattern as an alternative pattern
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How to Knit a Striped Scarf
Knitting is a relaxing hobby once you learn the basic knit stitch. A scarf is a suitable project for practicing the knit stitch, and knitting a striped scarf is not as hard as it looks. As a beginner, use two colors. As you become more confident in your... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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