How to Knit Baby Booties?


Knitting baby booties is going to require that you have a pattern. Choose a yarn that is soft to touch as these will go on tender little feet. If you're new at knitting look for a pattern marked beginner because booties can be very delicate and intricate.
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1. Decide what size stitches you want to use. Do you want to knit a thinner bootie with smaller stitches (which will take longer) or a thicker bootie with larger stitches (which will
1. Choose a sportweight yarn. Many brands produce a line of yarns specifically for babies. 2. Knit a gauge square. 7 stitches should equal 1 inch. If the gauge is too small, try a
Simple, comfortable, but most of all, completely adorable. Here's how to make them with this pattern by Sublime 1 pair of 4mm (UK8 - USA6) Knitting Needles (or the size required to
It depends on how much detail the booties have, but on average $6-10.
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How to Knit Easy Baby Booties
In any department store you can find racks and shelves of adorable baby clothes, but knitting a pair of baby booties makes for a fun project and a quick, inexpensive and personal baby shower gift. All you need is some basic knitting supplies and a couple... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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