How to Knit Mitered Squares?


To knit mitered squares, you need to first knit a gauged swatch. Then, determine your stitches per square inch. For full, detailed instructions, go here: .
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1. Knit a gauge swatch in either garter or stockinette stitch, whichever you want your square to be, to determine your stitches per inch. A mitered square can start from any even
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You will need a radial arm saw or a stady hand with a skill saw for that cut.''_...
The easiest way is to cast on x stitches and knit x rows. If you cast on 10 stitches and knit 10 rows (knitting every row, which is garter stitch), your piece will be very close to
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How to Knit Mitered Squares
In carpentry, corners are usually joined at 45-degree angles. Creative knitters came up with a way to emulate that mitered look in knitting with a deceptively simple pattern of decreases. Not only are mitered squares good for pretty corners, they can... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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