How to Know If a Girl Loves You?


One of the best ways to know if a girl loves you is if she tells you! Women may also show their love in different ways. If she treats you with respect and shows that she cares, she just may love you!
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Guys love that girls can be attractive. Guys love that women can dress sexy and wear great smelling perfum. Also, guys love that most women know their way around the kitchen.
1. Count all the small, thoughtful gestures she does for you. If she goes out of her way to bring you lunch at your office, buys you small trinkets throughout the week, bakes you
1 Be honest and loyal to the person you love. By just saying these words "I love you" you can't win someone's heart. First win the heart of that person, and that person
For me love is truly knowing a guy, trusting him completely, accepting his flaws, and feeling more complete when I'm with him than when I'm not.
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If a girl truly loves you, she may come out and tell you or she may show you certain signs in order for you to figure out that she loves you. One sign might be ...
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's not rational to try to determine if someone loves you or not according to the sounds that they make. The best way to find ...
According to experts, a woman's voice pitch gets higher if she is attracted or pursuing a lifetime partner. The reason for this is because high-pitch voices are ...
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