How to Know If You Are Bisexual?


If you are bisexual, you will find yourself attracted to people of the opposite sex and of your sex. You might think your boyfriend is hot, but you could also think your best friend is extremely sexy. You will know you are bisexual because you are attracted to both genders.
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A bisexual is a person who is sexually attracted to either gender. In example, a woman dating a woman is usually called a lesbian. If she also likes men, she would be bisexual.
Respect your date's boundaries. Everyone needs space and alone time to process emotions, attractions and the everyday experiences of being in a relationship. If you are constantly
If your Bisexual it means you go out with girls and boys no matter your real sex.
1 Ask them, straight up. Or beat around the bush a little, maybe you want to be subtle. Ad 2 Show them pictures of people of the same gender and comment on them. "wow look at
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Just finding men and women attractive isn't enough to be bisexual. If you are truly bisexual, you will find both men and women sexually attractive. ...
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