How to Know If You Have a High Tolerance of Pain?


One way to know if you have a high tolerance of pain is how you would rate various types of pain on a scale from 1 - 10. If you consistently rate the pain as low, you would have a high tolerance.
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It means that you can withstand a hole lot of pain. More then a regular person.
1. Take deep breaths. Taking sharp breaths in and then breathing out slowly can help you tolerate the pain until it subsides. The most common use of breathing techniques is by a woman
This term doesn't have an exact definition. Generally, it
I do, always have. I had this branch from this bush I fell on jammed a few inches into my leg. I didn't even notice for 10 minutes until someone said your leg is covered in blood
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Pain tolerance refers to the maximum amount of pain that you can tolerate. High pain tolerance is mainly achieved by conditioning your body by regular exposure ...
What it means when a person is told that they have a high tolerance level for pain is that what would normally hurt a person or cause pain would not bother someone ...
1. Talk to your surgeon about medication options before you undergo surgery. Be sure you alert him or her about medications you are allergic to or cannot tolerate ...
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