How do you lay a concrete garage floor?


To lay a concrete garage floor, dig out the top six inches of soil on the site and keep it level, then lay down a two-inch layer of aggregate gravel. Next, determine the grade level of the site then build the edging forms along the perimeter of the site. After that, lay the rebar wire mesh, pour the concrete and compact it using a roller tamper. Lastly, level the concrete using a screed, make contraction joints four feet apart, allow the concrete to harden and cure for seven to 10 days.
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1. Mark the garage base’s location on the ground by spray painting the perimeter or driving wooden stakes into the ground. 2. Dig a hole for the base inside the lines you marked
There are different ways to seal concrete. One way to seal concrete is to do it while the concrete is drying by applying a sealant with a paint roller. Another way is to use epoxy
1. Sand off any rough spots on the floor with a multi-disc sander fitted with a metal-mesh diamond disc. (See resources for examples of concrete sanding/grinding machines. Sand as
1. Prepare the area and begin pouring. After all the preliminary steps have been taken and the specific pouring location is ready, lightly spray the entire pouring location with a
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How to Lay a Concrete Garage Floor
If you're building a garage and want to do it all yourself, an experienced do-it-yourself homeowner can lay a concrete garage floor. It is a big job but if you purchase ready-mixed concrete that is delivered and poured by the concrete company, it's easy... More »
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