How to Lay a Gravel Drive?


To lay gravel driveway first prepare by digging where the driveway will be laid. Use a vibrating plate to stamp down the dirt. Then lay a weed fabric this is done before scalping is delivered. Lay the hardcore and use your rake to or shovel to level it then a gain stamp down the base using your vibrating plate. Spread out and level the gravel using a shovel or rake.
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How to Lay a Gravel Drive
Installing a gravel driveway takes a lot of time and effort, but the end effect can really pay off. The gravel prevents loose mud from flying on your car as you drive and is also visually appealing. Without the proper installation methods, though, a... More »
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1. Level the dirt path where your gravel will lay. Till the soil and pack it back down. Remove any stones, twigs or roots you find within the first 4 feet of the dirt. Replace any
gravel is not ideal for a sloping drive with it being tarmaced or not, as the gravel will walk/move to the bottom of the slope and over spill on to the pavement/side walk and road
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Just dump it on top and lay it out evenly to the thickness you want the gravel. You may need raiser edging stones to stop the gravel going everywhere. ...
When laying a gravel drive, first, measure the location you want to cover and decide how much gravel, fabric membrane, hardcore, sand and other material that you ...
Laying the gravel on driveway requires three processes which are preparation, digging out the drive and finally laying the drive. Under the last process use a ...
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