How do you lay rock?


The rock is laid by first sketching the ideas for the landscape and then selecting the rocks suitable for the site. Soil is then prepared by laying down a weed barrier, which is followed by digging an area where the rocks will be placed. the largest rocks are then placed at the back while the smaller ones are placed at the front.
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Things You'll Need. Flagstones. Sand. Back brace. Gloves. Measuring tape. Rake. Shovel. Landscaping material. Broom. Instructions. Select the site for your new rock patio. Special
1. Lay out a string along the route you want your pavers to take. It might be straight or meandering. Once you're satisfied with the path, drive garden stakes into the soil and tie
1. Know your audience. If you are a regular speaker before them, you know how sophisticated and knowledgeable they are. You also know how sympathetic (and forgiving) they will be.
1. Plan your project-sidewalk, retaining wall, garden pathway or flowerbed. Measure the ground length to ensure you purchase sufficient supplies, as blocks, sand and filler quantities
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