How to Learn About the Foreign Exchange Student Program.?


1. Consult an administrator of the study-abroad or foreign exchange student program at a university. Some colleges allow students to enroll in overseas programs while simultaneously receiving credit for academic coursework at their current
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There are a number of foreign exchange student programs in the US. One of the leading programs is AFS Intercultural Programs USA which has been running for 65 years. They provide
1 Firstly, ask yourself why you want to become an Exchange Student. If your purpose is uniquely to learn a certain foreign language, sign up for a foreign language class. You must
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Foreign exchange student programs can be very rewarding for both the exchange student and the sponsor of the exchange student. There are several different programs ...
1. Read about foreign exchange through authoritative free resources, such as those offered through eHow and websites such as Baby Pips (see Resources section) ...
A foreign exchange student can be either a short-term exchange or a long-term exchange. The short-term exchange student may only be on a summertime program or ...
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