How to Learn the Rules of the Long Jump.?


1. Mind the take-off line. No part of your toe or foot is allowed to cross the take-off line. If it does, you will be given a foul. 3 fouls and you are disqualified from the competition. 2. Fly through the air. No part of your body may touch the
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How to Learn the Rules of the Long Jump
The long jump is one of the staples of track and field. As simple as the name it's given, it consists of who can jump the farthest from a given point. It sounds easy enough, but here are some rules you need to pay attention to so you do not get... More »
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You are going to have to increase your vertical lift. That is done by working on your leg muscles. Jump for the basketball rim 100 times a day. Don't forget to stretch.
the rules of high jump i think you have to jump over the bar safely without dropping the bar. if you didnt jump over in you gat two more chances to jump over. to tiffani gellert from
1 Be appropriate. Dress according to the time of day, season or occasion. Ask about a dress code before attending an event to prevent from being under-dressed or over-dressed. Reserve
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There are various rules that goes along with the Olympic long jump. One can learn the rules of the long jump within various websites. These rules includes such ...
The following are the rules and regulations of long jump and they include; No part of the contestant's foot should cross the front edge of the foul line. As the ...
The long jump is one of the events held during the Summer Olympics. Its history dates back to the first Olympics in ancient Greece. It was also included in the ...
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