How to Levitate an Object?


To levitate a small object, you will first charge your physical body with energy and then place a stone right in front of you. Next, focus your eyes on the stone and then close your eyes visualising about the stone that is in front of you. After that, visualise that your energy is blending with the stone and levitating the stone using power of thought. Then focus your mind moving the stone around with the same power of thought and then open your eyes at your own time.
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Run the nylon through the tips of your fingers and pull on the shaft to separate the thin "invisible" threads from the strand. You need enough strands so that you can mount
1. Gather materials. You will need the object you are levitating, some wax or a similar adhesive, preferably one that is not easy to notice, and some type of thin or clear wire. Ad.
Levitation tricks can be an important part of a magician's performance. These types of tricks don't necessarily have to be expensive. You can do many levitation tricks without having
You use wiccan magic, but what really happens is the demons, who can take any shape and any form, can also become invisible and they move the object for you, which means, if they
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Levitation is the ability to raise one’s self or objects from the ground using the ability of the human body and mind. It is known as a phenomenon of psycho kinesis (PK) in which objects, people, and animals are lifted into the air without any visibly physical means and float or fly about. It is an art that is quite hard to do and requires a lot of concentration. For a complete guideline on how to levitate log onto:
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