How can you levitate small objects?


You can make small objects levitate by using an invisible thread, which can be bought at a magic store or can be achieved by using a single thread. First, place one end in the mouth or on a high button shirt and the other end should be placed on the object at the right moment. Then, you should stand at a distance that tightens the string. Finally, make small movements to make it appear as if you are causing the object to levitate.
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1. Tape one end of thin string to the object you wish to levitate. Ad. 2. Tie the other end of the string to your ear. 3. Stick out one hand and put the string in between one of your
1. Run the nylon through the tips of your fingers and pull on the shaft to separate the thin "invisible" threads from the strand. You need enough strands so that you can
I hope the OP knows of sarcasm when reading Atheist's post, because essentially none of what they said was true. As to answer the question, there is only ONE WAY people can levitate
Press 'up' on the Directional Pad. Move up to something and when the targeting reticule goes green with a small hand symbol near the bottom, press 'A' once. Press 'A' again to drop
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To levitate a small object, you will first charge your physical body with energy and then place a stone right in front of you. Next, focus your eyes on the stone ...
When a magician wishes to levitate an object, he uses a length of invisible thread. One end of the thread is first attached to the magician's lapel or shirt then ...
Magnetic levitation is the process by which a magnetic field is used to suspend an object in the air. One popular application of this is in high speed bullet trains ...
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