How do you light a gas oven?


If the oven has the auto pilot light, just punch the button that says oven, choose the temperature and you are done. If no auto pilot light, with lit match in hand, turn oven dial on and hold match close to the oven gas outlet. Keep hair, kitchen towels and hands as far away as possible from flame.
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1. Light your pilotless gas oven by simply selecting the temperature at which you would like to bake food or select "Broil" to broil food; the automatic gas oven components
I do not know what model you have but mine required removing the 5 screws from the plate surronding the glass shield to access the bulb. What a pain to remove the top 2 screws. not
Turn off the gas supply by inserting the fireplace key into the gas valve, found in the wall or the front of the fireplace (most valves require a 90 degree full turn). Thoroughly
1. Unplug the microwave power cord from the electrical outlet. 2. Open the appliance door to locate the light bulb cover panel. 3. Extract the small screw holding the panel inside
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How to Light a Gas Oven
In gas ovens with a pilot ignition system, the pilot light is composed of a small gas flame located at the bottom of the oven. This pilot light should stay on all the time, extending when the oven thermostat is opened, or reducing in size when the oven... More »
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To light the bottom pilot light on a gas oven first turn on a light to see inside the oven. Make sure that all burners and knobs are off and children are not in ...
To troubleshoot a gas stove oven that won't light the first thing that you should check is the pilot. The pilot may have gone out due to a draft. If the pilot ...
There are a few ways to troubleshoot a gas stove oven that won't light. The first thing you should do is to check your pilot light to see if it is lit. ...
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