How to Light Pilot on Gas Dryer?


To light a pilot on a gas dryer, first turn off the gas as it will still be escaping from the pilot light. Open the access panel for the pilot light and switch it to the off position. Turn on the gas and then turn the switch on. Ignite the pilot light with a stove lighter. If the flame is not constant or is too high, contact a repairman.
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1. Clear any gas that may be in the unit. When the pilot light goes out, gas is still escaping from the pilot light burner. Turn off gas to the dryer from the valve behind the dryer
I don't know of any dryers that have a pilot light. They have glow plugs which glow red hot before the gas valve is opened so that the gas will ignite. If the glow plug is not working
No pilot light has glow bar ignition to see if bar glows when start button is pressed should be small plastic cap on bottom of dryer front remove it to ckd for glow and burner
Gas dryers normally have a device called an igniter built in so there is no pilot light. Plug in the dryer, see that the gas is hooked up and the valve is turned on. Now, toss the
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If you have a dryer that has a pilot light, you have an older model. Open the panel where the pilot is and turn it to off. Wait for about 5 minutes, turn it back ...
A gas dryer uses a gas powered heater to provide the heat while a motor makes the dryer move inside. A pilot light or switch turns on the heater when you turn ...
To light the bottom pilot light on a gas oven first turn on a light to see inside the oven. Make sure that all burners and knobs are off and children are not in ...
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