How to Lighten a Bruise?


A bruise may lighten over time if it is left alone. However, certain types of skin-color makeup (such as concealer or foundation) can help to cover up a bruise. In addition, some short ice pack treatment and perhaps short-term elevation of the area might help. Some rest and light stretching can also help the area heal.
Q&A Related to "How to Lighten a Bruise?"
Soak a cotton ball in White Vinegar and apply it to the bruised area.
You should leave the hot pack at least for a half an
A bruise is caused by blood under the surface of the skin. You can usually lighten one up by gently massaging it to break it up. Depending on how dark it is it will take several days
applying heat to an older bruise can increase blood supply hence speeding the removal of the old blood. Potential bruises can be lessened by applying ice as soon as possible after
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