How to Lighten Your Period?


There are various ways that you can use to lighten your periods. Some of the methods include healthy eating especially foods rich fibre, vitamin K and iron, Herbs such as red raspberry leaf tea, drops of nettle and fresh shepherd's purse, and prescribed drugs. You should consult a medical practitioner for more advice.
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1. Increase the amount of fiber you eat by consuming more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. 2. Boost your consumption of vitamin K by adding foods like cheese, asparagus and leafy
Take care of yourself. Really heavy flow and cramping is often due to just not having the best habits when it comes to your overall health. That everything-in-moderation stuff? It's
Taking birth control pills often causes females to have a lighter period. Have a
I know if you get wet, it seems to like stop but only temporarily so maybe take a shower before school. Depending on the temperature just wear a pare of pants and wrap a jacket around
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Exercise, drinking plenty of water will help. Don't go on the pill for this, you'll find at different stages in your life your period will be lighter or heavier. ...
If you are looking to lighten your period and are not on birth control pills. Birth control pills will generally lighten your period. This is something I would ...
There is no way to lighten your period flow. Birth control pills can aid can contribute to a lighter flow but are not considered a solution to lighter periods. ...
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