How to Live With Dedicated Christian Parents?


Determine which Christian beliefs your parents value the most. In order to get along with your parents you are probably going to have to abide by these as long as you are living with them. Respect what is important to them and they will be more
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1. Determine just which Christian values your parents firmly live by. You won't have much luck getting along with people in general if you don't know what specifically is important
The Bible requires that people come to a saving faith of their own volition (i.e. their own free will) and not by compulsion. To that end, you might point out to your parents that
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Child dedication, in Christianity, is a symbolic ritual carried out by Christian parents immediately after the birth of a child. The ceremony is intended to be ...
St. George was born in Turkey (in Cappadocia) and lived in the 3rd century. He was raised by Christian parents to become a devoted Christian and a brave Roman ...
The reason for christening a child is to dedicate him/her to the Lord. Parents christen their children because they want them to have a Christian foundation as ...
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