How do you load a Marksman Repeater BB gun?


Loading a Marksman Repeater BB gun is quite a chore compared to other, more simple loading BB guns on the market. First, you have to pull the slide back. Then, you need to push the slide in. Put the gun on safety and then, tilt the front of the gun barrel forward to put the BB's in. In order to get the BB's to load, you should remember to hold it upwards when cocking the gun.
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1. Point your pistol toward the ground and press the small button on the front, just below the barrel muzzle. This will cause a small loading port to pop up on the top-front of the
see the link below.
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When looking to load a marksman repeater BB gun the first thing to do is read the instructions. Even BB gun owners should be taught proper procedures in handling a gun. All guns should be handled as if they are loaded.
In order to load you marksman repeater bb gun you will need to first push the loading button that is located at the front of the pistol. You can find more info at:
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Start by pulling the slide back and then pushing the slide in. Make sure the gun's safety is on. Tilt the gun barrel forward, which will open a spot to put the ...
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