How to Load a Swingline Stapler?


To load a Swingline Stapler, hold down the bottom of the staple tray. Lift the top of the stapler with staple wires. Turn the stapler over and press your thumb against the silver tab at the bottom of the stapler.
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1. Pull the top of the Swingline stapler open from front to back until the spring-loader is touching the back end of the track. 2. Holding the stapler open with one hand, add staples
Pull the top away from the center section this should open the unit
You load the staples from the back of the stapler, there is a thumb depression on the back of it. Look and you will see it.
The 444 on the Swingline Stapler is just a product number. Thanks
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How to Load a Swingline Stapler
Although the stapler was invented about 300 years ago, widespread use of staplers in offices really began in 1914 in America. Over the years, the stapler has become an essential tool for business offices, classrooms and personal use worldwide. Swingline... More »
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If you have purchased a Swingline stapler and misplaced your instruction manual, you can find one online at the website. You can download any product ...
The first step is to grab the silver portion of the stapler. Pull it gently away from the top section. Pull it all the way back and magically it will then slide ...
A lever consists of a fulcrum, applied force, and load. A stapler is considered a Class 3 lever. It has the effort between the load and fulcrum. The effort and ...
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