How to Load iPod?


To load an iPod all you need to do is connect it to your USB port on your computer. iTunes will automatically launch and you can drag and drop your songs to the iPod icon. You can also set iTunes to automatically sync your iPod using the Preferences panel.
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1. Connect your iPod to your computer as you normally would with the USB cable. 2. Access Photo Options in iTunes. Open this feature up through your computer by clicking on its icon
You can load a cd on to an ipod with a few simple steps. First you need ot upload the cd into itunes and check off the songs you want on your ipod. Then you will need to sync your
go on to the internet and type in itunes then download it then you click store and you can the upload and buy songs from the pogramme or if you want to load things like pics on youre
1 Open Itunes and plug your ipod into the computer. Ad 2 Press Itunes store and buy some new games, If you don't already have any. 3 Click the lin
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To load an iPod Shuffle with songs you need to download iTunes on your computer, it will act as a music library. Once it's downloaded connect your iPod to your ...
In order to load songs, video or pictures onto your iPod you need to first have iTunes. Once you have iTunes set up all you need to do is connect your iPod to ...
From what I know, the best and easiest way to load a iPod shuffle is through iTunes. Downloading iTunes will enable you to automatically download music to your ...
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